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Hard-fought win in league opener

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FC Barcelona Lassa - BM Granollers 37:26 (17:17)

FC Barcelona Lassa handball got their league campaign off to a winning start on Wednesday with a hard fought victory over BM Granollers (37:26). Despite the scoreline suggesting otherwise, the home side were made to work for the victory, with the team from Vallès putting up a solid fight at the Palau Blaugrana.


Happy ending

barca - naturhaus 2

FC Barcelona Lassa - Naturhouse la Rioja 36:32 (18:16)

FC Barcelona Lassa closed the home campaign with a narrow 36:32 victory over Naturhouse la Rioja on Wednesday night at the Palau Blaugrana. While the hosts were more assertive of the two, each time they went ahead, the visitors would respond with a striker of their own.


Tested to the limit


BM Villa de Aranda v FC Barcelona Lassa 31:35 (18:17)

The best was brought out in Barça Lassa on Saturday night as they showed their winning spirit to defeat a Villa de Aranda side that truly had them up against the ropes. The league champions, unbeaten in domestic play for three years, had to work hard to make it 28 wins out of 28 in the current season. With the home side inspired by Juanlu Moyano, Barça found themselves in the unfamiliar situation of trailing at the interval (18:17).


FC Barcelona Lassa beat Abanca Ademar León to extend three-year unbeaten run


FC Barcelona - Abanca Ademar Leon 37:27 (19:11)

FC Barcelona Lassa handball were able to celebrate the Bauhaus Asobal League and the Copa del Rey titles in the best way possible on Wednesday - with a big victory for the fans at the Palau Blaugrana. As a backdrop for celebrating the championships, Barça routed Ademar León, a candidate for third place in the league, 37–27.


Biggest away win of all time


SD Teucro v FC Barcelona Lassa 25:48 (13:26)

FC Barcelona Lassa have celebrated mathematically clinching the league title by cruising to victory away to Teucro (25:48), their highest score this season and highest ever tally of goals in an away match. Lazarov, with 9 goals and Syprzak, who converted all eight of his shots, led the way, while Saric was outstanding in a goal with a 50% save rate.


FC Barcelona Lassa win the Copa del Rey!

barca copa del rey rakomet

Helvetia Anaitasuma - FC Barcelona 30:33 (14:16)

On the road and facing a hostile crowd supporting a highly motivated opponent, FC Barcelona Lassa Handball won the 20th Copa del Rey in team history on Sunday, just a week after being proclaimed league champions, showing their maturity with a win after leading from start to finish before pulling away in the waning moments. The team's 20th Copa del Rey is also their third straight, a sheer dominance that shows no signs of slowing down. In ten days they will have gone exactly two years without a loss in domestic play. Over that stretch they've won a staggering 115 games in a row in the league, the Copa del Rey, the Supercopa de Catalunya, the Asobal Super Cup and the Asobal Cup.


Through to the cup final


FC Barcelona Lassa v Abanca Ademar 33:27 (20:12)

FC Barcelona Lassa have beaten Abanca Ademar 33:27 in the semi-final of handball's Copa del Rey, which is taking place in Pamplona this weekend. Kamil Syprak led the way with five goals, and the Pole was followed by Tomás, Ariño, Jallouz and Lazarov, with four each.


Barça Lassa are Bauhaus Asobal Champions

Barça Lassa are Bauhaus Asobal Champions

The blaugranes claim their 23rd victory in the league competition and win six in a row for the very first time. Barça Lassa are Bauhaus Asobal Champions for 2015/16. The 29:28 defeat for Naturhouse La Rioja away at Ademar de León means the blaugranes are league title winners with five games still remaining.


Titanic effort but no Final Four

Titanic effort but no Final Four

FC Barcelona Lassa - THW Kiel 33:30 (13:14)

The handball team battle gallantly but miss out on a trip to Cologne after failing to cancel out the five-goal deficit from the first leg in Germany. Barça Lassa will not be going to the Final Four in Cologne after falling two goals short of a comeback against Kiel on Saturday afternoon. They battled all the way, but some stunning goalkeeping from visiting stopper Landin frustrated their gallant efforts. Barça needed to cancel out a five-goal deficit from the first leg, and the pressure seemed to be telling as they struggled to find their feet early on. Kiel defended well and had taken an early 4-1 lead before Barça's machine finally started to find the right gear.


The Visionary Creator of the Project “Handball 4All” As a Guest in Kiril Lazarov’s Camp

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Djukic will do several training sessions and lectures for our participants and as well as our camp coaches.

As we have already informed the public on our resent press conference, this year concerning the category of improvement and education, we will focus on bringing the leading coach names that have a lot of experience in the field of the young categories. The first name that we are going to officially promote is Dragan Djukic who is an exceptional handball expert with a great sports knowledge – EHF Master Coach –, and coach of many handball clubs in Serbia, Hungary, Portugal and Macedonia, and so far in his career he has been head coach of many European national teams.