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FC Barcelona Lassa v BM Benidorm 33:18 (15:10)


Monday morning is an unusual time for the handball team to be playing, yet 3,873 people, one of the highest figures this season, turned up to watch. Many of those fans were schoolchildren, who were able to get away from their classrooms to enjoy a very special day in the Palau Blaugrana. What they got to watch was FC Barcelona Lassa winning 33:18 against Benidorm and thus move to within just one point of the Asobal title with five games still to play.

That would be the team's 23rd national title, but before that they have a Champions League quarter final against Kiel, which is why this game was played at such an unfamiliar hour. Barça Lassa led the game from start to finish, but for much of the game things remained very tight indeed. A host of saves from Danjel Saric, playing for the first time at the Palau since announcing that he's leaving for Qatar, played a key role in the win, as did the presence of Aitor Ariño, who led the day's scoring with eight.