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Macedonian diplomatic bulletin 04.03.2013

kire macedonia 04 03 2013

Lazarov: „We Are Going to Do All in Our Power to Promote Macedonia Globally„

 - You have played outside Macedonia for many years. First Hungary, then Croatia and now Spain. Do you believe that sport is Macedonia's greatest ambassador in the world?

I completely agree that sport is our country's best ambassador in the world. It was demonstrated many times so far when our athletes scored excellent results, at the same time presenting our country, culture, people, mentality, will and determination to win and survive, as well as the cheering passion that we have supporting our national team. I believe that Europe and the world got to know us really well trough sport and I believe that in the future sport should be the priority to our authorities so we can make further progress and be more successful, thus contributing to better promotion of Macedonia in Europe and the world.

- You have made our country famous with your sports achievements. According to you, what personal characteristics are crucial when presenting the country abroad, not just as member of the national team but also a member of the club team?

I always try to stay the same, as my parents taught me to be. Good education is the most important thing you need to posses when you leave your country. Therefore I am infinitely thankful to my parents for giving me good education since my earliest age. Some of the characteristics that I find to be important and that are acquired since early childhood are respect for the others, integrity, resolve, temperance, and desire to succeed.

- How much do your club team mates know about Macedonia, its tradition and culture? Have any of them ever been your guests here and what are their impressions with the Republic of Macedonia?

We are a small country of just 2 million people. I have been an international player for more than a decade. There have been times when I was amazed by how much people knew about Macedonia, yet at other times I was being asked where Macedonia was. In any case, we are a small and new country and every year we are going to grow further and be more successful because we have to and are able to. In recent years, through handball and basketball in particular, we have shown the world that a small country of 2 million people can beat much bigger, more powerful and richer countries. We need to be just as audacious, willful and determined in other fields as well. With this motto we can promote Macedonia more and better.

- What do you find most appealing in Macedonia? Do you have a favorite city or village or place? How often do you travel through Macedonia and is there a place that you would recommend to all?

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I have very little time in the course of a year to spend in Macedonia considering the responsibilities I have with my team abroad so I organize and plan that little time I have left to the last minute. I am a lover of water and mountains and so some of my favorite places in Macedonia are Ohrid and Mavrovo. Aside from my hometown of Sveti Nikole, of the places I love, I would also single out Bitola. I started my professional handball career there and fell in love with the city. Macedonia has many more natural attractions that I am yet to research and visit. Bearing in mind my professional responsibilities, I do not have enough time now but when I finish my career I will certainly make up for what I have missed.

- What are you views on the recent World Championship in Spain? What is your message to the supporters of the Macedonian national team?

I can say that as a national team we have been very successful over the past four years. We played at three major championships over a short period of time, which is a great success for a country such as Macedonia. As for the recently ended World Championship, I would say that we have had a partially successful participation although our plans and goals were set higher. As captain of the national team I can promise that in the future too we are going to be successful and do all in our power to promote our country in the world better. We are proud that our team is a fully Macedonia-made product without any foreigners (as has been the case in recent years in all Macedonian sports) and so together with our world-renowned Phalanx we are going to try to conquer the world through the new challenges ahead of us.