If handball is your dream, let’s dream together, have fun, make friends, create memories

//If handball is your dream, let’s dream together, have fun, make friends, create memories

If handball is your dream, let’s dream together, have fun, make friends, create memories

Dear campers , parents and friends

It is our great honor and pleasure to announce you the sixth handball camp which breaks all records when it comes to its organization and realization. It is the camp of the captain of the Macedonian national handball team, the best Macedonian player, the best scorer of all times, and the best right back, our pride Kiril Lazarov.

Since the first camp in 2015, every summer Kire lives together with the children 24/7 and is ready to share his knowledge acquired in his successful international sporting career to the young in our Macedonia. Seven days spent training with Kiril Lazarov and his team of coaches, seven days of friendship, education, and excellent development in any sense is the time best spent for our young handball players – handball players that in future will become distinguished sports players and genuinely good people. Some of them who have already been part of our camp have become part of the Macedonian national handball team which makes us especially proud of them.

“If handball is your dream, let’s dream together, have fun, make friends, create memories”

For the last five years, more than 1400 players have been part of our camp, most of them were from Macedonia, but there were handball players from all over Europe. The smile on their faces, the satisfaction of their parents is our biggest award and acknowledgement that things are running their right course towards each one’s satisfaction, not forgetting that we can always do better. The promise to see each other next year is our usual greeting to our campers at the end of each camping.

“Experience 7 unforgettable days with Kiril Lazarov”

In June 2020, the captain is going to organize his sixth annual handball camp. This year, too, the camp shall have two shifts:

·         First shift 19 – 25 June 2020;

·         Second shift 25 June – 1 July 2020.

The camp is a sort of a selection base of young players who need development in many aspects and directions (in the sport field, healthy nutrition education, sports netiquette, personal development in team work). For seven days each summer, the best right back player Kiril Lazarov, actual and ex national team players, important names from the handball world, and the most educated Macedonian and European coaches will have their place in the handball camp mosaic. According to the envisioned program, all participants shall have the best conditions, equipment, and professional help for development, educational teachings with subjects that are necessary for this period of their life, and also they will enjoy themselves and have a lot of fun.

Complete offer for the sixth handball camp “Kiril Lazarov 7”

Seven days handball and enjoyment with, the world’s best right back line player

Seven days, with officially the world’s best right back line player and best Macedonian sportsman, Kiril Lazarov, who will share his sport and life experience with future handball talents . Trainings with the best Macedonian and European coaches and top handball players.

  • Accommodation and training program

The camp participants are going to be accommodated in the hotel Aqualina in Ohrid. Seven days (six full boards) in four star hotel which has its own courts necessary for the realization of the full program of the team of coaches, and also it has its own private beach and private pool which offers incredible moments and has magnificent location.

Boys and girls will be divided as per the age in seven groups and will practice and upgrade their sport skills under direct supervision of Kiril Lazaov and his team.  There will be 2 coaches and one fitness trainer who will be responsible for each group.

  • High quality Sport EquipmentHummel:

All camp participants will receive complete HUMMEL sports training equipment and between-training-sessions equipment.

  • Full medical care for all participants:

Full medical care which will include a team of three medical professionals from our partner the Special Hospital for Surgery “Zan Mitrev Clinic” Skopje will be available in the handball camp, and they are going to be at disposal 24/7 for all our participants.

  • Special nutrition for young categories of players:

For the intense training sessions, a special nutrition program is going to be prepared for the young categories by professionals in sports and nutrition.

  • Lessons with top Macedonian and foreign educators

In the camp, there are going to be lessons in which our participants will learn about proper sports nutrition, sports psychology, sports etiquette, how the individual should behave as a part of a team, and etc.

  • Hanging out and sightseeing in the beautiful Ohrid; Swimming lessons

During the seven-day handball camp, apart from the two training sessions a day, our campers will have the opportunity to hang out and have fun not just with the captain Kiril Lazarov, but also with children from all over the world.

They can take a boat trip along the coast of the Ohrid Lake and learn more about the most beautiful town on the Balkans – Ohrid – and also learn how to swim and row with licensed coaches, etc.

  • Insurance for all participants:

All camp participants will be provided with a complete insurance during the camp by the camp’s official insurance company Euroins Insurance Macedonia.

  • Certificate for participation:

All participants are going to receive a certificate of participation in the Handball Camp “Kiril Lazarov 7” signed by the captain of the Macedonian national handball team, Kiril Lazarov.

  • Price and method of payment:

The price for participation in the camp is 300 euros. The participant is officially registered with the payment of 50% of the total price of the camp and confirmation that he has agreed to the conditions for participation in the camp. Last payment day is June 1, 2020.

For more information please contact us on our phone +389 71 330 529 or at our mail info@kmgsport.mk. You can send your application at the following link 

See you in Ohrid!

Agency KMG Sport Group,

Promoter of the Handball Camp “Kiril Lazarov 7”


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