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FC Barcelona Lassa beat Ciudad Encantada with new spanish record

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FC Barcelona - GlobalCaja Ciudad Encantada 34:21 (18:9)

Team passes Ciudad Real and go into the record books with their 68th consecutive league victory. The Catalans had already equalled Ciudad Real with 67 consecutive victories, but they needed one more at the Palau against Ciudad Encantada to claim the record all for themselves.


FC Barcelona Lassa and Lazarov fly past Montpellier HB

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FC Barcelona Lassa - Montpellier HB 37:27 (19:12)

Huge win in week four of the Champions League builds momentum for Wednesday's clash with Ciudad Encantada. Kiril Lazarov rings up 12 goals while Pérez de Vargas throws up a brick wall in front of the Barça net. FC Barcelona Lassa were well aware of the importance of winning at the Palau Blaugrana on match day four of the VELUX EHF Champions League. And Kiril Lazarov knew better than anyone, helping the team get the job done as soon as possible as Xavi Pascual's brushed aside Montpellier HB after the visitors did their best to hang around for the better part of the first half.


Victory in Santander to equal the record

Victory in Santander to equal the record

GO Fit Sinfín - FC Barcelona Lassa 28:37 (15:19)

The FC Barcelona Lassa handball side continue racking up the records. In week 6 of the Asobal League Xavi Pascual's side have recorded another victory, their 67th in a row thereby equalling the league record previously held by Ciudad Real. The new landmark was reached with a 37:28 win over GO Fit Sínfin from Santander. Barça, as is customary, were focused right from the very start and by the 9th minute the blaugranes were 8:4 ahead.


Big win in Hungary

Big win in Hungary

Pick Szeged - FC Barcelona 28:30 (12:13)

After defeat in Germany, FC Barcelona Lassa's visit to Pick Szeged in the third round of the EHF Champions League was crucial yet the team rose to the challenge as they secured a valuable win (28:30). Concentration was paramount in a court with a vocal crowd. The sides remained toe to toe for the large part of the match but eventually perseverance paid off as a strong end to the game handed Barça a much-needed victory.


New victory in the Palau

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FC Barcelona Lassa - Quabit BM Guadalajara 40:24 (21:11)

The blaugranes ease to a win in the league before their next Champions League challenge. FC Barcelona Lassa came through the test this Wednesday against BM Guadalajara with flying colours. Xavi Pascual's team recorded their fifth win in the league and continue to improve , everybody getting on the scoresheet except the youngster Dujshbaev who once again came on for some valuable game time near the end.


Barca make first win in Europe this season

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FC Barcelona Lassa - IFK Kristianstad 34:32 (17:16)

What an epic clash defending champions Barcelona and VELUX EHF Champions League novices Kristianstad served to handball fans around Europe who were fortunate to watch this magnificent contest. Most pundits would not have given the visitors from Sweden a prayer of avoiding a rout against the winners of a record eight titles in the continent's premier club competition, but they captured the hearts of all neutral fans with a spirited performance which nearly resulted in what would surely have been one of the greatest shocks in club handball.


Midweek road win

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BADA Huesca - FC Barcelona Lassa 28:40 (17:20)

BADA Huesca:
Pejanovic, Cabanas (3), Rochel (1), Eloy (3), José Juan (3), Marcelo (7), Oier (2) -starting seven - Arguillas, Pujol (-), Ariel (3), Lafuente (-), Nolasco (-), Cruz (3), Escribano (2), Mira (-), V. Sánchez (1).

FC Barcelona Lassa:
Pérez de Vargas, Gurbindo (4), Jicha (1), Ariño (4), Morros (-), Syprzak (3), Lazarov (2) - starting seven - Saric, V. Tomás (5), Entrerríos (4), Sorhaindo (1), Sigurdsson (7), Jallouz (5), Dujshebaev (1), Márquez (-).

Five minute periods: 4-3 / 5-7 / 8-8 / 11-12 / 16-16 / 17-20 (HT) 18-24 / 18-29 / 20-31 / 22-35 / 25-37 / 28-40.


Löwen celebrate one-goal win

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Rhein-Neckar Löwen - FC Barcelona Lassa 22:21 (10:9)

Two briliant defence sides, two extraordinary goalkeepers and a high level right from the start. Löwen underlined their ambitions by beating the defending champions. "This was the best match in Europe since month. The defence was amazing, and despite the defeat I am satisfied with my team," said Barca coach Xavi Pascual, for him it was the second defeat against a German side within two weeks after losing the semi-final of the Super Globe against Füchse Berlin in Doha. "We were lucky, but we deserved to win," said Löwen coach Nikolaj Jacobsen:


Confidence booster ahead of Euro debut

Confidence booster ahead of Euro debut

FC Barcelona - Frigoríficos Morrazo 34:23 (21:11)

FC Barcelona Lassa have defeated Frigoríficos Morrazo de Cangas 34:23 in a useful morale booster ahead of the Champions League debut at Rhein Neckar Lowen (7.30pm CET on Sunday). That's three wins out of three so far in the domestic championship this season, which extends the handball team's overall winning streak in the competition to a humungous 64 games.


Bronze to Barcelona

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FC Barcelona - Sydney University Handball Club 30:20 (15:10)

The surprise-package team of the tournament, Sydney Uni, were the first to score with a goal from line player Pierre Bonnin. Bonnin added a second to his tally before FC Barcelona scored their first - an outside shot from Wael Jallouz. Sydney Uni keeper Martin Jomin saved a Kiril Lazarov penalty shot in the eighth to keep the score at 2:3 before Diego Llorente Llamazares found the net twice in a row (2:5, ninth minute). At the 10-minute mark Sydney were ahead by two (4:6) when Barca's Viran Morros received a two-minute suspension. Despite the numerical advantage, Sydney Uni began to lose control and Barcelona quickly closed the gap to take the lead with a fast break from Eduardo Gurbindo.