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FC Barcelona Lassa v BM Villa de Aranda: A night to celebrate (38-26)

barca - vila de aranda1

FC Barcelona have beaten Villa de Aranda 38-26 in a game in which they spent almost the whole first half playing catch-up against a very competitive side with a goalkeeper in stunning form. But in the second half they made their superiority tell, scoring 25 goals and ending up comfortable winners. Sigurdsson and Víctor Tomás, with eight and six goals each, led the scoring on the night that Saric returned to the Palau after being away for a month on international duty. But the night will be remembered for a lot more than what happened during the game.


Unstoppable in Europe

kolding - barca

Kolding – FC Barcelona Lassa 28:36 (15:16)

FC Barcelona Lassa overcame Kolding away from home by 36:28 in the ninth game of the EHF Champions League, a victory that allows them to remain two points ahead of Group B rivals Rhein-Neckar Lowen. The blaugranes based their win on the form of the outstanding Jallouz who scored 9 from 12 – and an excellent start to the second half that left their Danish opponents with no reply. The first half was very tight and both side were on their game in attack. Barça took an early advantage thanks to Carlos Ruesga's first ever goal in European competition.


A win to set a new record

jalouz 1

Abanca Ademar - FC Barcelona Lassa 33:37 (18:20)

The words Barça Lassa handball team are now synonymous with records, even more so after their latest win on Wednesday against Abanca Ademar León. Xavi Pascual's team have recorded their 73rd victory in a row in the ASOBAL league, surpassing the record set by Granollers between 1969 and 1972 (67 wins and 5 draws). The run that started on 25 May 2013 against Guadalajara has now reached record breaking proportions with the victory over León. Going past the record of 72 games unbeaten was not easy for the blaugranes away from home.


FC Barcelona Lassa solidify lead with 27:25 victory over HC Vardar


HC Vardar - FC Barcelona Lassa 25:27 (15:12)

Sterbik, Brumen (1), Toskic (2), Karacic (3), Dujshebaev (2), Dibirov (3), Gorbok (5) - starting seven -, Manaskov, Milic, Maqueda (2), Abutovic, Lazarov, Cindric (3), Shishkarev (3), Marsenic (1) and Stoilov.

FC Barcelona:
Pérez de Vargas, Tomás (7), Sigurdsson (5), Entrerrios (1), Sorhaindo (1), Jallouz (8), Lazarov (4) - starting seven -, Ariño, Gurbindo, Syprzak (1), Ruesga, Ohlander, Morros, Jicha, Noddesbo and Kopljar.


Equalling unbeaten record at 72 matches


FC Barcelona Lassa – SD Teucro 44:30 (25:12)

FC Barcelona Lassa never seem to tire of setting new records. This time they have equalled the figure for unbeaten matches in the league, 72 games, repeating the feat set by BM Granollers between the years 1969 to 1972. Barça's last defeat came against Naturhouse La Rioja on 18 May 2013. The latest team to fell to Xavi Pascual's side was SD Teucro who started well but could not maintain that form over the whole encounter.


FC Barcelona take over top spot


FC Barcelona - HC Vardar 31:30 (16:13)

FC Barcelona:
Pérez de Vargas, Enterríos (5), Sorhaindo, Gurbindo (1), Sigurdsson(3), Lazarov (1) and Jallouz (12) – starting seven – Victor Tomás (3), Jicha, Syprzak (4), Viran (1), Kopljar (1), Ariño, Dujshebaev

HC Vardar:
Sterbik, Lackovic (1), Brumen (4), Toskic (4), Gorbok (8), Cindric (2) and Dibirov (3) – starting seven – Manaskov, Dusjsheba (1), Maqueda (1), Karacic (3), Abutovic, Lazaro, Shihkar (2), Marsenic (1)

Referees: Vaclav Horacek and Jiri Novotny (Czech Republic)


Victory built on defence

Benidorm - Barcelona 2

BM Benidorm - FC Barcelona Lassa 17:36 (5:16)

Another win for the Barça Lassa handball team, their 71st in a row in the Asobal League which came thanks to an impressive defensive performance from the blaugranes. The Catalans' victory over Balonmano Benidorm away from home leaves them in first place in the table, as of yet unbeaten this season in domestic competition. Barça's solidity gave them a 16:5 lead at half time and going forward they were lethal on the counter attack.


FC Barcelona rout Fertiberia Port Sagunt

barca - puerto sagunto

FC Barcelona - Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto 44:29 (20:12)

Team wins 70th consecutive game in the Asobal League with good defence and a great attack. The win keeps Barça Lassa atop the table before the break for international matches. Barça Lassa handball routed Fertiberia Port Sagunt, 44:29, for their 70th consecutive victory in the Asobal League.


Comfortable winners

barca - angel ximenez

Angel Ximenez – FC Barcelona Lassa 16:38 (6:20)

Barça Lassa overwhelmed their opposition once again to register their 69th consecutive victory in the Asobal League, running out 38:16 winners away at Angel Ximenez. The blaugranes consolidate their position at the top of the table, maintaining their 100% record after eight games of the league season. Xavi Pascual's team started like they meant business, going 6:1 up in the opening 10 minutes.


Nodesbo last second goal gives Barcelona a draw in Poland

Nodesbo last second goal gives Barcelona a draw in Poland

KS Vive Tauron Kielce - FC Barcelona Lassa 30:30 (14:17)

Having overturned Barcelona's first-half lead, Kielce were on the verge of what would have been a memorable win but threw away a two-goal lead in the closing stages of a rip-roaring contest. "In the first half Barcelona led the rhythm of the game," coach Xavi Pascual said. "In the second Kielce were on top. The whole game was equal, so the draw is fair." Led by the season's top scorer Kiril Lazarov, Barcelona dictated the pace in the first half and held the upper hand thanks to a fairly constant three-goal lead.