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In June in Our Camp, In August in Barcelona

borko ristovski pres

To hang around with children, to have training sessions together and with your experience to help them become great sports players is a unique pleasure which can be felt in the camp.

"Sure, I'll be there for couple of days". A year ago with this sentence, Borko Ristovski, the "minister of defense", confirmed his participation to his roommate from the national handball team.


Klein and Landin keep kiels flame of hope burning

kiel 2

THW Kiel - FC Barcelona Lassa 29:24 (16:12)

In his last big match for THW in Sparkassenarena, Klein was on fire. The left wing, who will transfer to HBC Nantes after this season, scored seven goals from seven attempts in the first half - and was Kiel's one-man show in attack before the break. On the other hand, Barca showed an unusual nervousness, causing eight turnovers and four more technical mistakes in the first 30 minutes. Mainly from Kiel's former left back Jallouz and Jicha were below their usual level. In addition, Lazarov missed several shots against Landin.


FC Barcelona Lassa v BM Benidorm 33:18 (15:10)


Monday morning is an unusual time for the handball team to be playing, yet 3,873 people, one of the highest figures this season, turned up to watch. Many of those fans were schoolchildren, who were able to get away from their classrooms to enjoy a very special day in the Palau Blaugrana. What they got to watch was FC Barcelona Lassa winning 33:18 against Benidorm and thus move to within just one point of the Asobal title with five games still to play.


FC Barcelona Lassa double up Fertiberia Port Sagnumove closer to title

barca puerto

Port Sagunt - FC Barcelona 20-40 (11-22)

Barça Lassa handball achieved an important victory in Port Sagunt this Saturday with their 24th ASOBAL victory of the year, a win that gets them a little closer to their goal: the league title. With six games remaining FCB hold a nine-point advantage in the ASOBAL standings over Naturhouse La Rioja.


Victory on return to league action


FC Barcelona Lassa – Ángel Ximénez Puente Genil 40:20 (17:11)

The team coached by Xavi Pascual pick up another win in the league and remain unbeaten following the recent break for international matches.


Flawless win to continue streak


BM Ciudad Encantada - FC Barcelona Lassa 23:42 (11:19)

FC Barcelona Lassa recorded a comfortable 42:23 win over BM Ciudad Encantada on Wednesday in Week 22 of the league campaign. The match began fairly evenly balanced, with Barça 6-4 ahead in the first ten minutes. That was until Jallouz and Lazarov came out of their shells.


Ohrid and Kiril Lazarov story

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This is not a story, But a reality, an eternal one, and one which so far no one has managed to retell. Probably no one hasn't even tried. There are several places in this world which simply cannot be retold. When standing in front of their monuments, the remains of the civilization of old, and the temples where you forget your identity, the only thing your intellect allows you is respect and contemplation, thinking of the things that are yet to be discovered and explored. Here in Ohrid the smartest and the wisest and the most powerful people throughout the centuries had only one goal – to leave at least their mark. Ohrid simply couldn't be conquered, but it would immediately become the seat of the most powerful men and it would continue to live its life where the conqueror entering the city wouldn't charge in, but bow to the city.


Kopljar returns in big win


FC Barcelona Lassa - GO FIT 35:23 (19:13)

Aitor Ariño scores eight in the 83rd consecutive win in the Liga Asobal, with Barça especially dominant in the first half.


Final sprint puts Final Four in sight

lazarov - granollers

Fraikin Granollers - FC Barcelona Lassa 27:34 (13:17)

It's now four wins out of four in games with Fraikin Granollers this season for FC Barcelona Lassa, once in each of the Super Cups, once in the league and now in the first leg of the Copa del Rey quarter final. Daniel Saric (48.1% save rate) was outstanding against an ever-tough opponent who never allowed themselves to be intimidated by the runaway Liga Asobal leaders and managed to stay in contention throughout.


Barcelona move into quarters and Vardar secure third

Barcelona move into quarters and Vardar secure third

FC Barcelona Lassa - Rhein-Neckar Lowen 26:20 (11:10)

It was a make-or-break tie for the German powerhouse, who started the weekend in third place. But after losing against the current titleholders, the Lions could fall to fifth place, if MOL-Pick Szeged win against Kielce on Sunday. In need of at least a draw to ensure a quarter-final berth, Barcelona enjoyed a bright start of the game, with a flawless defense that prevented Löwen to score in the first five minutes.