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Biggest away win of all time


SD Teucro v FC Barcelona Lassa 25:48 (13:26)

FC Barcelona Lassa have celebrated mathematically clinching the league title by cruising to victory away to Teucro (25:48), their highest score this season and highest ever tally of goals in an away match. Lazarov, with 9 goals and Syprzak, who converted all eight of his shots, led the way, while Saric was outstanding in a goal with a 50% save rate.

The amazing forty-eight goals also equalled the second highest score for any game in the Asobal League, the 48 that Barça scored in the 2013/14 season against BM Aragon at the Palau Blaugrana. As Barça remain on course for a one hundred per cent record in this season's competition, that was quite some way to celebrate the title!