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Flawless win to continue streak


BM Ciudad Encantada - FC Barcelona Lassa 23:42 (11:19)

FC Barcelona Lassa recorded a comfortable 42:23 win over BM Ciudad Encantada on Wednesday in Week 22 of the league campaign. The match began fairly evenly balanced, with Barça 6-4 ahead in the first ten minutes. That was until Jallouz and Lazarov came out of their shells.

Four goals each from the pair saw the visitors begin to break away from their opponents, as Barça went into the break 19:11 ahead. While the home side tried to reduce the deficit, a stubborn Saric in the Barca goal meant that the lead was never under threat. Barça entered their attacking groove once more in the second period, and ended with an emphatic 42:23 scoreline to record an incredible 83rd straight win in the league.

BM Ciudad Encantada:
Vial, Pablo (3), Sergio (1), Rafael (5), Thiago (1), Sergio López (2), Victor (1) –starting seven–, Zejak (7), Miguel Ángel (3), Francisco Javier, David, Mendoza, Mateo, Carlos, Samuel.

FC Barcelona Lassa:
Pérez de Vargas, Lazarov (6), Sorhaindo (2), Gurbindo (2), Jallouz (5), Sigurdsson (4) –starting seven–, Ariño (3), Sarmiento (2), Jicha (6), Noddesbo (3), Morros, Saric.

Score per five minutes: 2-3, 4-6, 5-12, 6-16, 10-17, 11-19 (half-time), 14-22, 15-26, 19-29, 21-33, 22-38, 23-42.

Officials: Antonio Merino and Francisco Javier Moyano.