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FC Barcelona Lassa win at Helvetia Anaitasuna

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Helvetia Anaitasuma - FC Barcelona 22:32 (12:16)

FC Barcelona Lassa keep on winning. After not playing a game throughout the entire month of January due to international commitments, FCB returned to competition with a sweet victory to start off the second half of the season on the right foot, beating a Helvetia Anaitasuna side that had gone ahead early and whose strong defence finally gave way in the final stretch of the game. Barça's superiority in the last ten minutes give them their sixteenth win in regular competition and a great start to the second half of the season.

Helvetia Anaitasuna:
Sergey, Gastón (2), Bazán (1), Garza , Costoya (4), Chocarro (1) and Jorge Silva (2) (starting seven), Etxebarría (1), Álvaro Del Valle (1), Nadoveza (1), Adarraga, Ángel Pérez (2), Goñi (2), Ugarte (4), Castro (1) and Gregor Lorger.

FC Barcelona Lassa:
Saric, Sarmiento (4), Ariño (1), Gurbindo (1), Syprzak (5), Jallouz (1) and Lazarov (7) (starting seven) Kopljar (1), Víctor Tomás (2), Entrerríos (7), Sorhaindo, Sigurdsson (3), Viran Morros, Aleix Gómez and Daniel Dujshebaev.