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Powering into the final


FC Barcelona Lassa v Frigoríficos Morrazo 34:21 (19:10)

Barça Lassa have beaten Frigoríficos Morrazo 34:21 in the semi-finals of the Copa Asobal as they chase to win the title for the fifth year in a row and the eleventh in total. The Catalans dominated from start to finish, with the added bonus of Sarmiento returning from injury. It was already 5:1 after just four minutes. Jallouz was outstanding, the scoring seven in a first half that ended with Barça comfortably leading 19:10.

After the break, it was Lazarov who took over the goalscoring baton, adding six goals while some wonderful keeping by Saric , great midcourt play from Noddesbo and Syprzak, and some powerful counterattacking from Ariño and Tomàs all helped Barça fly to a 30:17 lead with ten minutes left to play. Thing eased off towards the end, but the 13-point lead remained intact, and the 34:21 win goes down as Barça's 100th in a row in domestic competitions. Quite some feat for this exceptional handball team!