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FC Barcelona rout Fertiberia Port Sagunt

barca - puerto sagunto

FC Barcelona - Fertiberia Puerto Sagunto 44:29 (20:12)

Team wins 70th consecutive game in the Asobal League with good defence and a great attack. The win keeps Barça Lassa atop the table before the break for international matches. Barça Lassa handball routed Fertiberia Port Sagunt, 44:29, for their 70th consecutive victory in the Asobal League.

Barça, depsite being without Sorhaindo and Sarmiento due to injury, played strong defensively and used a quick counterattack to continually expand their lead throughout the game. The game was fairly even for the opening ten minutes, before Barça went up by 20:12 at halftime and then achieved their biggest lead of the night 15 gooals - by the sounding of the final horn, when the final score was set in stone. Sigurdsson led Barça with 8 goals, a game-high, while Tomás and Ariño chipped in with 6 each. Bernatonis led Port Sagunt with 7 goals.