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FC Barcelona Lassa and Lazarov fly past Montpellier HB

lazarov vs monpellier 2

FC Barcelona Lassa - Montpellier HB 37:27 (19:12)

Huge win in week four of the Champions League builds momentum for Wednesday's clash with Ciudad Encantada. Kiril Lazarov rings up 12 goals while Pérez de Vargas throws up a brick wall in front of the Barça net. FC Barcelona Lassa were well aware of the importance of winning at the Palau Blaugrana on match day four of the VELUX EHF Champions League. And Kiril Lazarov knew better than anyone, helping the team get the job done as soon as possible as Xavi Pascual's brushed aside Montpellier HB after the visitors did their best to hang around for the better part of the first half.

Lazarov led the way by bagging a dozen goals, while FCB goalkeeper Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas stood on his head, especially from seven metres. Victor Tomás was also key in a first-half effort that saw Barça take a 19:12 lead into the intermission. The French came out with authority in the second half and starting warming up, but Vargas was cool as ice in net and gave the home fans reason to give him a standing ovation as Barça began to stretch their lead. Jicha and Ariño made big plays down the stretch to finally break Montpellier's backs and add a dash of momentum to the Catalans' winning ways as they head back into league play on Wednesday, when they face Ciudad Encantada at 8:30pm CET with a chance to set a new record with their 68th consecutive Liga ASOBAL victory.