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Macedonia book ticket to Poland


Macedonia - Czech Republic 32:28 (15:12)

The first half of this high-stakes decider was exactly what was expected - a one-for-one battle that confirmed this meeting to be one of the most exciting to take place on Sunday evening. With the vocal crowd on their side and shooting on point,  Macedonia were in control of the match despite what the level score line showed as the half progressed.

Both sides played calm, structured attack, though Czech Republic were noticeably once again missing their biggest shooter: Filip Jicha, who was out with injury. A two-minute suspension to Ondrej Zdrahala in the 28th minute allowed Macedonia to pull ahead slightly and take a three-goal lead into the break. Macedonia's half-time lead proved crucial. The home side retained that same lead as the match continued, leading 24:21 with 15 minutes left. The teams both showed more urgency in attack in the second half, but in the end Macedonia held onto their lead to take the two points and the Group 6's remaining ticket to Poland.