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France, Germany and Macedonia countries that visit Atletico Madrid web site

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WB page Atletico Madrid (Kiril Lazarov club) grows every day more and increases the number of visits. The countries of origin from where they read today's Club and the team are France, Germany and Macedonia, who lead the ranking.

Of course, the first origin of our audience is Spanish with 363,075 visitors during this season, but remains France 9,625, Germany with 8,271, 5,377 Macedonia and Poland with 3,716, among others.

The handball fans also look to us from outside Europe. First on the list is Colombia (1,865), followed by the USA (1,770) and Turkey (1,054), but also enter into our site from Morocco, Japan, Russia and Australia. The views are sections cover the tickets and passes information and videos, which is accessible from our Multimedia Gallery.