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Ovce Pole - Sv.Nikole

HC Ovce pole is formed in 1957. This macedonian first division club come from the small town of Sveti Nikole and across Europe is generally known as the firstrk-ovce-pole club of the best Macedonian handball player Kiril Lazarov. As a 13-14 year old boy playing in youth team Lazarov at HC Ovce pole under the coaching of his father and Janev as coaching tandem. His undisputed qualities demonstrated in the position right wing, which played in the first years of his career.

As a member of its first club Lazarov was nomineted at the first manifestation of defending the colors of Macedonia. In Israel against the host on 20 August 1994 with only 14 years he made his debut at the European Championship for juniors, playing with a few years older boys.

"My father was a handball player and matured here and I started with this sport. From early childhood went with him on tours. For me, always looking for a place on the bus and moved it kire - ovce poleacross the country. My five years younger brother Philip and I are much more afraid of him than of my mother. In principle we could think of contradicting him. What he will say is "order" would "Lazarov said about his beginnings in Ovce Pole and relationship with his father.

From Ovce Pole for a short time (spent three seasons in the youth categories) is observed from the best Macedonian clubs. After the first steps in his first club, Lazarov passes to Borec from Veles, in the year when the club became a national champion.

Today Lazarov is excellent relations with HC Ovce pole, often helps and watch the performances in the First Macedonian league of the club from his hometown of St. Nikola.