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OFF 01.12.2012

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Lazarov: „Kiel and Madrid can go all the way again„ talks to Atletico's Macedonian shooter before the Match of the Week at THW Kiel Atletico Madrid lost the first match against Kiel at home - how do you rate the chances to win at THW?

Kiril Lazarov: After we had beaten Kiel at Qatar to become world champions of club teams, THW were much more motivated and much better tactically prepared when they played at Madrid. Now I hope that we are able to turn it around to the opposite side with higher motivation and better preparation to surprise Kiel. But we have full respect for them of course. It is already the fourth time Madrid and Kiel face in only six month - do you know everything about THW now?

Kiril Lazarov: Kiel are a big team with a great handball tradition. Both sides know each other inside out and as usual, little things will decide about the winner. Madrid and Kiel lost already two, respectively three matches - did you expect this?

Kiril Lazarov: It was clearly expected that we could lose some matches, as we had so many major changes in our team before this season. Kiel were in a different situation, as they only had a major change on the right back position from Kim Andersson to Marco Vujin. So it was a clear surprise to me that they lost at RK Celje. On the other hand, to lose at or against Veszprem - what both did - was not a big surprise. Did you expect your former team Veszprem to be so dominant?

Kiril Lazarov: MKB Veszprem currently have the best team ever since the club does exists. I expected them to be really good, but I did not expect that that they could manage to play on this level already so early. Can Madrid or Kiel still become number one in your group - or is this position already reserved for Veszprem?

Kiril Lazarov: At the start of the Group Phase I would have said that Kiel and Madrid are able to top the table at the end, but now Veszprem are my number one favourite to finish this group on top.

KL big 4 copy How hard is your team stroke by the injury of Jose Javier Hombrados?

Kiril Lazarov: Jose Javier Hombrados was and is still the soul of our team. Of course we currently feel the consequences of his injury. But we have to look ahead and need to cope with this situation in a competitive way. We have to go straight - of course also for Hombrados. Like before in Zagreb you are a team-mate of Ivano Balic now. Do you feel something special to be among his team?

Kiril Lazarov: It is very easy for me to play with Ivano, we know in and out for years, so we did not need a long time to adapt. Will the Match of the Week in Kiel be imprinted by the duel of two Balkan shooters, Kiril Lazarov and Marco Vujin?

Kiril Lazarov: No, both teams can count on a big number of top shooters, so in my opinion it will not be a kind of private duel between me and Marko Vujin. Is it still possible that Kiel and Madrid go all the way to the VELUX EHF FINAL4 in Cologne again?

Kiril Lazarov: It will be a really tough challenge for both but I believe very much that we both can manage it again.