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Handball profile -2

Right back. Macedonia National Team captain and FC Barcelona player. Unmatched goalscorer. Icon of a nation. The man who wrote the most magnificent chapters of Macedonian sports history. One of the most recognized handball players of all time.

Can you still remember the moment when you decided to start seriously with handball?

» My first love was basketball. When I was attending the fifth class at the primary school there were handball trials going on in my hometown and my father was the player-coach of that team. I decided to give it a try. I went for the training and I fell in love with that sport at first sight. I have been in handball since I was ten.

Your first handball club and your first official debut?

» My first club was RK Ovce Pole from Sveti Nikole. I played my official debut match when I was attending the seventh class at the primary school against Vardar Skopje. As far as I remember it was rather successful match for me as I scored a couple of goals. My opponents did not take me too seriously because of my young age and gave me lots of space to shoot so I could score.

Have you always played in the position you play today?

» I started to play in the right wing position. Because I was young I had neither the height nor the weight to play the back position. As I grew older the coaches moved me to the right back position.

A game that you will never forget?

» Frankly I am not able to pick one as there were too many in different periods and for different clubs. I will probably be in a much better position to answer this question towards the end of the playing career.

A player who was a model of inspiration for you?

» Since I started with basketball my hero was Toni Kukoc. It's thanks to him that I have always worn number 7 on my jerseys.

You follow other sports for sure, are you a fan of any player or team?

» I am a fan of FC Barcelona and AC Milan. From contemporary sportsmen I admire Leo Messi and Novak Djokovic.

Cheese or Chocolate?

» I find myself very health conscious. I always take big care of what I eat. That's a difficult question ... chocolate :-)